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Doctor Who LIMS

We March to a Different Drummer. :D

Doctor Who LIMS!
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An Icon Contest Based on the Popular BBC Show!
Welcome to doctor_who_lims!

Yeah, yeah. Another LIMS comm. But I was desperate for an ACTIVE DW LIMS, so I made my own. :D LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. It's an icontest where each week, one or two people are voted off until there is ONE icon maker left. Not only is this a fun way to challenge yourself, but it's also a great way to get feedback on your icons! Each voting round will require constructive criticism for each icon, so you can find out how to improve your graphics! :)

Your mods are jackie and quiddity_, should you ever need anything. :)

✖ Layout stylesheet by milou_veronica.
✖ Graphics by quiddity_.
✖ Mini icons by angeliquesg
✖ Mood theme by tetrap
These are the basic rules to be followed EVERY round; however, different rules will be given for the semi-final rounds and on (four or less iconers).

✖ Everyone participating must be a member of the comm and preferably be watching. You might miss something important otherwise!
✖ Comment on the "Sign Up Post" found HERE to join in! You have until voting for the first challenge is up to join and get an icon in. Skips may NOT be used on the first challenge.
✖ All icons must be new and kept SEEKRIT. It's a contest like any other - you are expected to have a certain level of confidentiality and decorum.
✖ Obviously, icons must meet LJ requirements - no more than 40kb and 100x100 pixels.
✖ Everyone is granted one skip automatically. You can earn extra skips (up to two more) by promoting the community pretty much anywhere (with the exception of OTHER people's private journals).
✖ Comment HERE to receive your skips. You can only get skips until the voting for the first challenge is posted.


✖ New challenges will be posted on SUNDAY.
✖ Entries MUST be in by SATURDAY.
✖ Voting will last from SATURDAY-SUNDAY MORNING.
✖ There will be awards for "People's Choice" and "Mod's Choice". I will (obviously) not be participating.
✖ Banners will posted sometime during that week.
✖ Icons must be submitted in this format:



✖ ANYONE with an LJ account can vote. HOWEVER - if you are found to have others vote for your icon specifically, you will be banned, THEY will be banned, and your icon will be null and void.
✖ This rule also goes with icons that have been previously posted or are stolen.
✖ Voters need to include CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in their votes. How can the icon be better?
✖ Some insightful posts about voting: by chacusha, by xenylamine, & by arbuus

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